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The Growing Industry

The growing industry

When over half of American states have legalised both medicinal and recreational cannabis, and with almost a quarter of the countries across the globe also having legalised some form of medicinal cannabis, then it’s safe to say that attitudes towards marijuana, CBD and THC are gradually relaxing.

Estimates vary wildly over how much the global cannabis – both legal and illegal – industry is worth, but with more cannabis companies listing on world stock exchanges, it isn’t too much of a stretch to say that demand for and consumption of cannabis and cannabis related products is only going to increase.


Despite that, disruptions to supply chains remain frequent, ranging from intelligence led drug busts of highly organised gangs and factories right down to some middle man getting gripped on a street corner. Sales of cannabis need to be discreet, reliable and trustworthy. One way to increase the chances of medical or recreational marijuana getting into the hands of the end consumer is by ensuring the product is well packaged.

Solution in a bag

Mylar bags are an extremely durable and highly effective method of packaging and storing products that may have a shelf life. Ideal for wholesalers, retailers or individual consumers, mylar bags are made from polyester film, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to be exact, or sometimes come coated with a thin layer of metal.

Mylar bags can be vacuum sealed and so prevent the contents from getting damaged due to the presence of oxygen. They also keep light out and smells in. This is ideal for wholesale packaging of products that may give off a pungent aroma. Mylar bags can guarantee that the product contained inside can reach the customer both untainted and undamaged.


Brand awareness

And not only do Mylar bags preserve the freshness of your products meaning that buds, edibles or concentrates remain safely tucked away within sturdy wholesale packaging, but the Mylar wholesale bags themselves can serve as a professional looking source of brand promotion. Mylar bags can easily be produced containing logos, branding or other information, which in itself makes the packaging part of the product instead of just a means to an end.

Mylar bags make for incredibly versatile packaging. They are relatively cheap to produce at volume and so to buy which makes them attractive for wholesalers because they can be bought in bulk while incorporating wholesalers requests – such as the addition of a logo – too.

Finally, from the consumers perspective, Mylar bags are also ideal receptacles to store a product, not least due to reasons of discretion and the need for freshness as outlined above. With a branded Mylar wholesale bag, consumers will be reminded of your brand each time they dip in to tune out.

Popular Mylar Bag Styles

Mimosa Label Bag

Cakez Label Bag

Cookie plain 3.5gm mylar bag

Mimosa Label Bag

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